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Earth Day, April 22 – Critically needed now more than ever

Saturday, April 22 marks Earth Day which is a national day to focus on the environment, climate change, and sustainability.  We need this day now more than ever, as our global climate has been warming and numerous species of bees and animals are disappearing at alarming rates.   I’m proud to say that I hail from […]

Lyrid Meteors – April showers bring May flowers

This week we have the Lyrid Meteor Shower and nice view of Venus and a crescent Moon on Sunday morning..  While the meteor shower may not bring flowers, it is a nice event to check out.  Here is your guide to the sky for April 17 to 23, 2017… Sun – Earth – Moon Sunrise […]

Easter and Astronomy – Calculating the Date

The holiday of Easter is observed throughout the Christian world annually but the date shifts every year due to the way the holiday is calculated – which is astronomical in nature.  In most of the modern world, the Gregorian calendar is the standard international calendar and also is used by Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. […]

Venus the morning star, binocular comets, and fading winter constellations

Venus climbs in the morning sky this week being a beacon in the morning sky before sunrise and there are some comets you can find with binoculars which are worth a look. The winter constellations are fading so get a last look. Here is your guide to the sky for April 10 to15, 2017… Planets […]

Crows, Comets, and Stationary Planets

Cawing along with Corvus and two stationary planets, and a binocular comet make this a fun week ahead stargazing. Here is your guide to the sky for April 2 to 8, 2017… Sun – Earth – Moon Sunrise this week is at 6:08 am and sunset at 7:08 pm. First Quarter Moon takes place on […]

April Fool’s Day and the end of the year!

During the Middle Ages New Year’s Day was celebrated on March 25 in most European cities and towns as it way near the Vernal Equinox.  Often the celebration lasted a week, and the last day was a day of pranks and jokes which today we observe as April Fool’s Day.  Here is your guide to […]

Spring Begins – Time to chase a Bear!

Spring is here!  Well at least astronomically speaking as March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox, so while we still have wintry weather with snow, spring now has officially  sprung.   Here is your guide to the sky for March 20 to 26, 2017… Sun – Earth – Moon Monday, March 20 at 6:29 am marks the […]

Mercury rising , Venus sinking, and a lion in the sky!

The planets dance as we see Venus sinking while gaining Mercury in our skies at sunset.  Leo that majestic lion signals Spring is arriving, and we have a bounty of morning chances to see satellites this week.   Here is your guide to the sky for March 13 to 19, 2017… Sun – Earth – Moon […]

Target Earth – A near miss by an asteroid

Asteroids have hit the Earth in the past, and astronomers are keeping an eye out for these objects.  While Earth gets hit by well over a ton of space dust and debris each day, most burns up in our atmosphere.  If chunks are larger than a few inches in size they have potential to reach […]

Spring ahead on March 12, well at least for your clocks!

While Spring officially starts on the Vernal Equinox later this month, Daylight savings begins on Sunday morning March 12 at 2:00am when we “spring ahead” an hour.  Find out who to blame for your lack of sleep later in this post. For early risers there are chances to see the International Space Station every morning […]