Monthly Archives: January 2017

Imbolc, Groundhogs, and the International Space Station, oh my!

Are you ready to celebrate Imbolc?  Or is Groundhog Day more fun for you?  They are one in the same and mark the first “Cross-Quarter Day” of the year.  Have you seen ISS?  If not, this week you have ample opportunity!  Here is your guide to the sky for January 29 –February 4, 2017… Sun […]

Chinese New Year of the Rooster and Twin Brothers in the Sky

Our celestial week ahead features couple nice planet-Moon gatherings in the morning sky, some evening sightings of ISS and the Chinese New Year designated as the year of the Rooster begins. Here is your guide to the sky for January 22 -28, 2017. Sky for January 22-28 at 8: 00 pm courtesy of Sun […]

Has the Winter Sky gone to the dogs? No but find two this week!

Orion’s two dogs in the evening, and the elusive planet Mercury in the morning, what more could you ask for this week.  I’m an admitted dog lover having two at home, and whenever I look in the winter sky at Orion’s dogs, I think of them following me. Here is your guide to the sky […]

Planetary delights with spectacular Venus high in the sky

This week we have some great planetary delights to see in our skies here from Maine.  We do some star-hopping using Orion to find a new constellation, and more.  Here is your guide to the sky for January 8-14, 2017… Sun – Earth – Moon Sunrise this week is at 7:11 am and sunset at […]